Magic Is Might

Kill Your Heroes, Before They Kill You.
Only Thing Worth Fighting For In This Life Is For Yourself, Cause No One Else Gives A Fuck.

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Thanks to a beautiful soul, I will start to be happy again. I will smile everyday. I will be okay.
so I thank you.

I need these tears to stop. I need to be okay. Things will get better, they have to get better. Everyday that i have to go on without you it kills me.

I’m fucking sad.
The end.
That’s all.

I feel nothing but sadness, even when I’m happy I’m sad.
I hate everything.
Today I just wanted to see your face and have you hold me while I cried. You have no idea how fucked up I am in the head because of all this.


If You Lie, You Don’t Deserve To Have Friends.
If You Lie, You Don’t Deserve To Have Them

I’d say I’m a pretty great person.
I mean I’ll smoke you out and give you good memories.


can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars

(via aarontaman)

So I bought new underwear because I didn’t have any clean and I was too lazy to wash my laundry. Well now I’ve got a shit ton of clean underwear cause my lazy ass decided to do something with my life today.

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